The Yellow Brick Road

Dorothy was swept up in a tornado from the peaceful somewhat boring existence she knew on Kansas plains. Spinning wildly in her house, watching as an angry old lady morphed into a ruby red slipper wearing wicked witch. She plopped down landing smack dab on top of her, immediately took her red slippers and watched her shrivel away. Looking around she saw a land of munchkins and wizards and a shiny yellow road. “I’m not in Kansas anymore,” she announced (being the epitome of understatement). A beautiful good witch arrived and pointed Dorothy to the yellow brick road. If she followed the road she would find her way home.


When I started selling Real Estate I felt a little like Dorothy. I felt somewhat lost after being swept up into a world I didn’t recognize immediately. There were Realtors (of all kinds) everywhere and managers and title officers and people I have never met who I would have to win over and convert into clients. There were contracts and risk management and open houses and floor calls. There were tour days and people soliciting all kinds of advertising. But each day I would head out to work in this brand new world. I never doubted I would find my way. I was convinced of it. I took my optimism with me wherever I went including my first floor call.

I received a call from a couple who were standing outside a condominium in Corte Madera. The saw the sign and wondered if I could show them the condo. Bright eyed and bushy tailed I jumped in my Ford Taurus station wagon and headed off to meet them. In my hot little hands I held a purchase contract. Introducing myself I showed them the property. This couple were thinking of retiring soon. They had been living in the city. I never asked if they had an agent, I assumed they didn’t. After finishing the tour I asked would you like to write up an offer. SERIOUSLY I was convinced it was that easy! And you know what…. they said yes. My first sale. Completed on the hood of a car!


Throughout the escrow I learned new things. I had my first try at negotiations with a seasoned well respected agent in my office and held my own. We made it all the way through inspections and reviewing HOA docs and finally signed the loan papers at the title office. I thanked them for being as patient as they were with me on my first deal. They smiled and said “It was better for us that this was your first deal. You see we are Buddhists and we believe it is important to help people on their journeys. We are grateful that we were able to help you on your way.”

You see on my yellow brick road I had found my first helpers. Just like Dorothy I was learning lesson on this road. People I would meet would continue to point me along the path. This first lesson I have never forgotten. The journey is always sweeter if we help others along their path. To be a person who points someone else in the right direction is truly a blessing to both. Today this is one of the things that gives me the most joy, helping others on their journey. Whether it is assisting a client buy or sell a home, or sitting down with another agent brainstorming a situation and coming up with a great strategy for success, using the lessons I have learned in these past 18 years give more meaning to my personal journey.

Real Estate still provides surprises at every turn. The lessons I have learned on my road serve me well. I am still in a wildly colorful and exciting world, but I have come to recognize some of its characters. In a way… I have been home all along.