The leaves in Fall

How often do we find ourselves holding onto the past. Like a leave in full fall color, we tenaciously hold tight to the tree that has been the source of our existence. From early in spring when a small bud emerged, the tree has given us life and fed us as we became all we might be in its shade.


But everything has a season and fall is the time when we know we are losing our hold of the tree. We know it will soon be time to let go and move on to the next stage. We will float off the tree to the ground where we will become a part of the tree’s strength. We will feed the new buds the following spring. It will be our time to give back.

In our Real Estate careers we are often called upon to look at where we are and where we may be going. For me, this year has been extraordinary as I have focused more on myself than perhaps in any other year. Decisions I have made have been in the light of new chapters and of growth. I ask myself what is it I want? What is it that will “feed” me in this next stage of my business life?

I have gotten so much from my years in this business. I know for me I am happiest when I am able to give back. Systems come and go, but relationships and people should be held nourished.

I have a new client she is 85 years old. She is holding onto her home even though it is time to move on. It is time for her to have a simpler life. Financially she really is unable to keep this home of many years. Part of what I am doing now for her is helping her navigate what seems to be impossible. Sometimes without someone else to help, letting go seems impossible.

I know moving on can be freeing. Moving on creates an opportunity to grow and to perhaps help others grow as well. Holding on too tight you just may miss the chance to see that perfect thing right around the corner. It’s fall, time to let destiny have a shot. Where will you fly?