Stairs in San Francisco

What is the thing you avoid in life? I have a couple, one is stairs, I don’t like stairs. I have a plan though to over come my dislike of stairs, walk every set of significant stairs in San Francisco in 2015. You see I hate them so much I am making it a challenge ( but I a putting that off until next year! )


There are 600 plus public stairways in San Francisco. Some are short, some long, like climbing to Mars. Don’t you think before climbing to Mars I should try climbing say… 50 steps?

Mill Valley has some famous stairs and some not so famous ones. The Dipsea steps are the sight of one a famous race each year from downtown Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. People run these steps all the time and yet, I have never climbed them.


Now I have climbed others “The Russian Steps at Lands End” for example those I have climbed several times. The stairs from Crissy Field up to Golden Gate Bridge… too many times to count. But with each step I take I hear this voice in my heard screaming “I hate stairs”. Maybe by making this adventure of overcoming the fear of stairs fun… I will end up looking forward to the view, the sights, the sounds, the climb!


I believe a fear in one area of our lives infects the rest of our lives. It plants that seed of “I can’t do that.” And that is a pretty damaging thing to say to yourself.