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Cathy Youngling: California Real Estate & Homes - Marin County

I know your fan club must spread wide and far and you can bet I’m in it!

You’ve written to congratulate me on the purchase of the home. I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading, since so very often it felt like the whole thing was just going to be a discouraging impossibility because of the countless, very unexpected difficulties we encountered! I am beyond ecstatic and look so forward to beginning a new life in this house. This “process” of attempting to buy a house was absolutely littered with these “road blocks” that would pop out of nowhere!! Yet, at the end of the day, we succeeded because of one person’s unwillingness to let it go, the only person I can imagine sticking with something as discouragingly hard as the acquisition of this house – YOU. You followed up, when I expressed my disbelief, yet again, that you had done the IMPOSSIBLE by telling me… “My goal was to get this house closed for you and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me!” This was the intense dedicationI saw numerous times when things got so bad and I just sat there, dumbfounded, as I watched you handle one impossibly difficult situation after another, fully expecting you to get very angry in reaction to at least ONE of these bizarre, rotten predicaments, but just as I observed the very first time I met you, you were and remained unflappable! I asked you how it was you managed to work through it and not become as upset, distressed and angry as I was, as pretty much anyone would be and your response was almost always the same: “I am focused on our goal, to get you in this house!” This is a very humble response that doesn’t begin to give you the credit you deserve, yet it also says it all(!) because that attitude and that laser-like focus WAS what it took to get through the awful things you had to work through to help me as you have and to succeed! I want to thank you profusely for being the most amazing agent I could EVER have hoped for (or imagined was even OUT THERE!) and to mention some qualities that your modesty left out – your unbelievable determination, your loyalty, your “Energizer bunny variety” stick-to-it-ive-ness, your truly admirable maturity and ability to handle even the most irritating, frustrating situations. How you managed to keep ME calm when I was only hearing about what was happening, not the one who had to deal with all those things and overcome one unfathomable, seemingly un-solvable problem after another. I could never thank you enough, as there are no words for all you’ve done for me during EASILY one of the hardest times of my life. It makes me want to cry. You are truly an exceptional broker and such a special person. I feel so much gratitude and admiration for you, I could never express it adequately. I know your fan club must spread wide and far and you can bet I’m in it! Sincerely, Amy – Testimonial for Cathy Youngling at Paragon Real Estate Group By Amy Whitney