The joy of working with 1st time buyers


When you have been in the business as long as I have there is a danger of forgetting why you were drawn to Real Estate in the beginning. For me I remember sitting with my husband and looking at different job possibilities for re-entering the business world after a hiatus to have two children.

I had a strong sales background, first with Procter and Gamble and later Merck Sharpe and Dohme. My educational background was education and communications. And as my husband pointed out, I perused the open house section of the paper every Sunday and had a sweet collection of ceramic houses on the shelf. “Cathy,” he said “DUH, you’re supposed to be a Realtor”.

I thought about it. Frankly the idea scared me. I liked the idea of a reliable paycheck (commissions were a bit frightening). I didn’t really like the knock out drag out competitive nature of Real Estate sales. But I loved the idea of buyers dreaming of creating a new life in a new home. The possibilities a new home creates that you can create the character you want in that house. The moment you move in, you can begin to imprint the walls, floors and spaces with your own reflection. YOU make that house come alive.

My first sales were mostly representing the buyer. That’s the way of Real Estate. Learning the business you tend to work most with buyers picked up at open houses or floor calls. As time passes your reputation grows as mine did so that at least half of your sales (if not more) will be listings. But for me, I still LOVE working with buyers.

This month I put a home in escrow representing BOTH the buyer and seller. This is called dual agency and honestly I try to avoid this. It is hard for both the buyer and seller to feel equally represented in this kind of situation. But this one I could feel, was one of those very special sales. The sellers had been diligent in their efforts to get the home ready and disclosure everything to the buyer. The buyers walked in and fell in love. They loved EVERYTHING about the home. I let them know if at any time any party did not feel they were well represented I would bring in another agent. It didn’t happen.

And I was blessed to watch the excitement in their eyes and I could see them envision their new lives in this beautiful house. I got almost as excited as they were imagining their live as well as they build a family and put down roots. I felt and feel great knowing this home, that had already seen one family grow would be able to nurture another as it grew.

In the end… what I can I say, I am one lucky girl.