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Cathy Youngling: California Real Estate & Homes - Marin County


Sausalito Links

Sausalito is reminiscent of towns along the French Rivera. The homes cling to the hillsides like jewels on a crown. Located just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, Sausalito is more than a tourist destination. It is rich in history and culture; A magnet for those who love the water.

Sailing is integral to the soul of the town. From the houseboats on the bay, to the converted shipping warehouses, to the active troops of sailors and kayakers, Sausalito is the place for all mariners.

The history in Sausalito is as salty as the water around it. Sally Stanford, a former Madame, went from restaurateur to mayor. The houseboat community has been filled with independent creative folks who, although strong on “community”, tend to march to their own drum.

Housing is varied between condos, and multi- million dollar mansions; Houseboats and cliff hanging modern marvels, Victorians and bungalows.

Yearly there is the Sausalito Art Festival, one of the most popular events in the Bay Area. Here jazz musicians and artists from many different mediums, fill the tents that line the old bay front.

There are people who visit Sausalito and return year after year, caught by its charm and enchanted by its beauty. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area frames the town connecting Sausalito to the Pacific Ocean. The magical Golden Gate Bridge is Marin’s link to San Francsico. A few lucky people are able to call this place HOME. Nestled between ther Rainbow Tunnel and the Golden Gate, Sausalito is a town that is truly blessed.