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Cathy Youngling: California Real Estate & Homes - Marin County

San Anselmo

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History abounds in San Anselmo. Some of Marin’s oldest families settled here, and you can still see evidence of them in the names of neighborhoods and streets.

The downtown is a tribute to this history with a plethora of antique stores. Homey little cafes and specialty stores provide a great place to shop and walk.

Some people might say the castle like buildings of the San Francisco Theological Seminary are the heart of San Anselmo. A home that has a view of these beautiful buildings is truly blessed. Other might say the rural feeling of Sleepy Hollow with its ranch style homes on large lots is the essence of San Anselmo. Still others would argue that the stately Victorians are what make this town so special. If you spoke to a young mother she might say the schools define the best of the town, while a gardener trimming her roses might say it’s the great growing climate.

The creek that runs through town has been a blessing and a curse, occasionally spilling its bank, but being a place where fish are still found. The look to the place is decidedly Eastern with deciduous trees lining many streets.

San Anselmo is a place that is special to different people for different reasons. The one thing they all can agree to, it is a wonderful place to call home.