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Cathy Youngling: California Real Estate & Homes - Marin County


Ross Links

When someone tells me they miss the East Coast, I tell them to go to Ross. This beautiful California town is centered around Ross Commons, a big grassy park with a bandstand. There is a little store on the corner where children go to buy a snack and sign on the family’s account. The post office is a meeting place since all residents have P.O. boxes and mail is delivered to the Post Office, not the house.

The trees in fall will make you think you have made a wrong turn. Surely you must be in New Hampshire! But you are not; you are in Ross walking down Shady Lane.

The school that serves the residents of Ross is Ross School for grades K-8. High School students choose between private school or one of the Tamalpais Union High Schools, (usually Redwood High School). There is a private High School in Ross, Branson, whose privileged students enjoy a truly beautiful campus and outstanding reputation.

If you enjoy hiking, there is a memorable one starting at the end of Lagunitas Road. It will take you to the lakes of the Marin Water Shed, Lake Lagunitas, Phoenix Lake and Bon Tempe. I was told fishing is even allowed, so bring your pole!

The Marin Art and Garden Center is a showcase of beautiful grounds and has a community theater on site. The police station is guarded by a somewhat famous statue, by Benny Buffano, of a California Grizzly.

It is no wonder that so many people would want to live in Ross and, I suppose, also no wonder than so few can really afford it. The average price of a home in Ross is one of the highest in the Nation. Many would say living here is worth every penny.