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Cathy Youngling: California Real Estate & Homes - Marin County


Novato Links

The rural Novato of the past has been replaced with Marin’s fasting growing areas. The majority of the new housing in Marin is by far in Novato.

The downtown area still maintains a small town character, but around it neighborhood blends into neighborhood, each differing by when it was built.

Novato is very large in area, and there are very diverse neighborhoods. In the Western part of Novato you can find equestrian centers, homes with barns and a sense of what Novato used to be like. Toward the east there are newer developments and custom homes that enjoy big lots, and lots of square footage.

Much controversy arose when the Stonetree golf course and its surrounding homes were slated to be built. They were built on the site to the old Renaissance Faire which was eventually moved to its new location on Stafford Lake in the west of Novato.

One of Marin finest golf clubs is found in the Country Club area of Novato. The Marin Golf and Country Club is situated in a small valley.

The Hamilton Airfield was closed, and this presented an opportunity to builders. Here the builders and Novato, together created a new community called Hamilton. Hundreds of homes of varying costs have been placed on the grounds of the old airfield. The old hangers house a variety of businesses. The plan incorporated low cost and senior housing options as well as condos and single family homes.

If you want a community that is growing with the times, vibrant with the stories of the past and looking toward a bright future, Novato is the place.