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Mill Valley

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Some of you as old as I am will remember Rita Abram’s song “Mill Valley.” It was sung by Park School students and pretty much says it all. Here is a portion of it. “I’m gonna talk about a place that’s got a hold on me (Mill Valley) A little place where life feels very fine and free (Mill Valley) Where people aren’t afraid to smile And stop and talk to you a while And you can be as friendly as you want to be (Mill Valley) Talkin’ ’bout Mill Valley, that’s my home”

This community has been voted by Money Magazine, in 2005, as one of the top 10 cities to live in America. Mill Valley is my home, a place where my husband and I raised 2 great girls. It is where the people live in the shadow of the sleeping maiden, in a place that is kissed by the ocean breezes.

Originally Mill Valley was a summer get away from SF. There was a mill run by John Reed, that milled the redwoods for big important homes, as well as hunting cabins and small family residences. You will find many of Mill Valley’s oldest homes to be summer residences that have grown up with the city. Some with many steps to the front door. After all people came here for the hiking!

Now Mill Valley attracts an eclectic blend of people. Many writers and artists have called Mill Valley home, nurtured by its beautiful surroundings. Schools are superb, some of the best in N. California.

Visitors may come upon Mill Valley on the way to Mt. Tamalpais, for the Mt. Play, or to the Mill Valley Film Festival, or Fall Arts Festival. The charm of this quaint town is sure to make an impression.

Over the years residents have always sought to better this fine town. Parts of Tam High School were actually built by shop students in the early 1900’s. The golf course was also a community effort and remains a public resource today. The new community center is a symbol of the commitment residents have to the community and is a state of the art facility.

Whether you enjoy the arts, Mt. Biking or hiking or simply want a wholesome town to raise a family. You should consider Mill Valley California, that’s my home!