Kate and Paul Parkin

If you are looking for a broker we would strongly recommend Cathy Youngling, for a number of strong personal reasons (which is really the only way you can make this decision).

1: She isn?t like most of the plastic, artificial, people who inevitably act as brokers in Marin. She?s in the service, not the ego business.

2: We had very specific requirements for what we were looking for. In fact we looked for over two years at what was out there as we weren?t in a hurry etc. Throughout our slow and choosy search, Cathy continued to bring us places that were relevant and interesting. She really knows the area and value of houses within the market (often before they come onto the market).

3: When we finally found our current house, Cathy was great at discussing our strategy, process and approach ? which was both successful and good value.

4: Throughout the buying process, I was very busy. Cathy managed much of the legwork for us, really keeping the paperwork down to a minimum and working around our schedules ? not hers!

5: Finally ? Cathy demonstrated great initiative. At one point, early in the process we had seen a house that we liked, but had been taken off the market, before we had even talked to Cathy. After mentioning this, Cathy decided to go and talk to them about it. Although ultimately, they chose not to sell it, Cathy?s energy and perseverance was great. Obviously you will pick the broker that?s right for you, but Cathy was fantastic for us and we would strongly recommend her and will definitely work with her next time we look to move! Cheers, Paul & Kate Parkin