I’ve got a secret!

There is a trend in the current Real Estate market to show and sell properties off the MLS. While I am not a huge proponent of this tactic, I have certainly found myself as an agent asking if this is, or is not, to my sellers advantage.

The simple answer…

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The leaves in Fall

How often do we find ourselves holding onto the past. Like a leave in full fall color, we tenaciously hold tight to the tree that has been the source of our existence. From early in spring when a small bud emerged, the tree has given us life and fed us as we became all we might be in its…

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Stairs in San Francisco

What is the thing you avoid in life? I have a couple, one is stairs, I don’t like stairs. I have a plan though to over come my dislike of stairs, walk every set of significant stairs in San Francisco in 2015. You see I hate them so much I am making it a challenge ( but I a…

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The Yellow Brick Road

Dorothy was swept up in a tornado from the peaceful somewhat boring existence she knew on Kansas plains. Spinning wildly in her house, watching as an angry old lady morphed into a ruby red slipper wearing wicked witch. She plopped down landing smack dab on top of her, immediately took her red slippers and watched her shrivel away. Looking…

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