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Cathy Youngling: California Real Estate & Homes - Marin County

Marinview / Tamalpais Valley

Marinview / Tamalpais Valley Links

Marinview is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Southern Marin. It is comprised of 259 homes located on a ridge between Tennessee valley and Tamalpais Valley. The mailing address is Mill Valley, but Marinview has a flavor all its own.

Originally designed to be a part of a huge development called Marincello, Mainview is the one part of the grandiose scheme that was actually built. Anti-growth forces organized in the face of the potential project. The passion that this movement created was the catalyst to creating the now treasured Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Today blessed with wide streets, trails, proximity to San Francisco, top rated Tam Valley Elementary School nearby, a variety of homes and prices, Marinview holds more attraction than ever before to potential buyers. Residents of Marinview have a Homeowner Association that seeks to preserve the flavor of the neighborhood.

Tamalpais Valley is the southern most valley in “Mill Valley”. A gentle stroll takes you out to Tennessee Beach. A more committed hike will land you at Muir Beach. The area is a blend of homes both old and new, on large and small lots. The climate is mild and the residents feel they are kissed by the ocean breeze and smiled on by the Sleeping Maiden. Neighbors can be deer, racoon, hawk and yes even an occasional mountain lion. Now that is some neigborhood!